US Financial Institutions Consumer Complaints - Legal Recovery Specialists LLC - Miller and Steeno, P.C.

Financial InstitutionSubmitted ComplaintsTimely ResponseCustomer Disputed Response
Legal Prevention Services, LLC.12100%0%
Legal Recovery Law Offices, Inc1486%0%
Legal Recovery Specialists LLC10%0%
LendKey Technologies, Inc.2100%50%
Lender Live1385%8%
Lenderfi, Inc.2100%50%
Lending Solutions Mortgage/ LSI Mortgage20100%25%
Lendmark Financial Services, LLC17100%6%
Levy Diamond Bello & Associates, LLC10%0%
Levy and Associates, LLC786%0%
Liberty Holdings, LLC23100%26%
Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc12100%42%
Lien Enforcement Inc10100%10%
Lighthouse Mortgage Company Inc10%0%
Lighthouse Realty & Mortgage, Inc1100%0%
Lincoln Mortgage Company1100%0%
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP35100%14%
Live Well Financial, Inc.683%17%
Lloyd & McDaniel, PLC7100%29%
Lloyd's Plan, Inc.2100%0%
Loan Care23695%21%
Loan Servicing Group10%0%
Loan To Learn36100%33%
Lobel Financial Corporation3194%26%
Lockhart Mediation Services3100%0%
Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery Inc.5100%0%
Los Angeles Collection Service, Inc.1100%0%
Louisiana Bureau of Credit Control Inc.2100%50%
Louisiana Recovery Services Inc.20%0%
Love, Beal & Nixon, P.C.1377%15%
Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, P.C.16100%50%
Lynx Asset Services, LLC1090%20%
Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc10%0%
Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis, P.C.11100%27%
M&T Bank1,40997%19%
M. G. Credit, Inc.6100%17%
M.A.R.S. Inc.1392%31%
M.L. Zager P.C.1100%0%
MAS Associates, LLC2100%50%
MAS Financial Services, Inc.1100%0%
MEDCAH, Inc.1100%0%
MFP, inc.1191%18%
MIB Group, Inc.786%0%
MJ Altman Companies, Inc.250%0%
MLD Mortgage, Inc.1392%31%
MNE Services, Inc17593%6%
MRS BPO, L.L.C.72100%15%
MS Services LLC560%20%
MST Financial Services, L.L.C.786%43%
MSW Capital, LLC425%0%
MTH Lending Group, L.P.1100%0%
MVBA, L.L.C.250%0%
MacDowell & Associates, Ltd.11100%27%
Machol & Johannes, LLC2295%18%
Main Street Personal Finance475%0%
Maine Educational Loan Authority (MELA)5100%0%
Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates, Inc.2378%9%
Mandarich Law Group, LLP16100%25%
Mann Mortgage, LLC1100%0%
Manufacturers Acceptance Corp.1100%0%
Mapother & Mapother, PSC1100%0%
Mar Joe Enterprises540%40%
Marauder Corporation3543%23%
Marel Consultants Inc10%0%
Mariner Finance, LLC5100%20%
Mark A. Kirkorsky, PC520%20%
MarkOne Holdings, LLC4100%25%
Market Place Mortgage Corp.1100%0%
Marsh Associates, Inc.1100%0%
Martin & Seibert, L.C.20%0%
Mary Jane M. Elliott, P.C. Attorneys At Law12100%33%
Maryland Mutual Mortgage, LLC1100%0%
Maryville Collection Service Incorporated10%0%
Mason, Schilling & Mason Co., LPA2100%0%
Matthew Thomas & Associates LLC1145%9%
Maury Cobb, Attorney at Law, LLC11100%9%
Maverick Funding Corp.683%17%
McCalla Raymer, LLC250%50%
McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc.38100%8%
McCullough Payne & Haan, LLC11100%18%
McGlone Mortgage Company10%0%
McKellar & Associates Group, Inc.32100%16%
McKenzie Paul & Associates20%0%
McNearney, Pittenger & Associates, LLC2100%0%
Meade & Associates, Inc.19100%26%
Med-1 Solutions, LLC1090%30%
Med-Health Financial Services, Inc.450%25%
MedShield, Inc.6100%0%
Medallion Mortgage Company LLC1100%0%
Media Collections, Inc2496%4%
Mediation Recovery Center475%0%
Medical & Professional Collection Services, Inc. NC.5100%80%
Medical Business Bureau2793%44%
Medical Data Systems, Inc.5584%24%
Medical Financial Services, Inc.3100%0%
Medical Recovery Services, LLC1100%0%
Medical Society Business Services, Inc.18100%33%
Medical-Commercial Audit Inc2100%0%
Medical-Dental-Hospital Bureau of San Antonio560%20%
Megastar Financial Corp.333%0%
Mel S. Harris and Associates, LLC17100%0%
Member Mortgage Services367%0%
Mendelson Law Firm3100%0%
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC71100%24%
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services4482%27%
Merchants Credit Adjusters, Inc.1580%13%
Merchants Credit Assoc. Inc SC1100%0%
Merchants Credit Bureau, Inc.367%0%
Merchants Credit Corporation17100%35%
Merchants and Medical Credit Corporation, Inc.10100%0%
Merchants and Professional Bureau, Inc.6100%17%
Merchants' Credit Guide Company8100%25%
Meridian Financial Services, Inc.1771%0%
Merrimack Mortgage Company Inc2100%0%
Merriman Investments, LLC2100%50%
Mesce Associates, Inc.1100%100%
Messerli & Kramer P.A.21100%19%
MetLife Bank18891%22%
Metro Capital Mortgage Corporation1100%100%
Metro Collection Service, Inc.333%0%
Metro Republic Commercial Service, Inc.10%0%
Metropolitan Home Mortgage, Inc.933%0%
Meyer & Njus, P.A.3100%0%
MiLEND, Inc.250%0%
Michael Andrews & Associates LLC3100%0%
Michael G. Niles1100%0%
Michael Harrison, Attorney at Law771%29%
Michigan Mutual, Inc367%33%
MicroBilt / PRBC (formerly CL Verify)771%14%
Mid Continent Credit Services, Inc9100%33%
Mid Valley Financial250%0%
Mid-America Accounts Control Bureau, Inc.2100%0%
Mid-Atlantic Finance Co., Inc.475%25%
Mid-Michigan Collection Bureau683%33%
MidAmerica Mortgage Inc1090%40%
Midstate Collection Solutions, Inc.367%0%
Midwest Acceptance Corp.2100%0%
Midwest Credit & Collection, Inc.1100%100%
Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC475%0%
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