New Jersey Active Bank Profiles
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111 New Jersey Active Banks as of May 14, 2012
NameAddressEstablishedTotal Assets ($ mil)
1st Bank of Sea Isle City4301 Landis Avenue, Sea Isle City, NJ 82431882-01-01$240.9
1st Colonial National Bank1040 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 81082000-06-29$290.6
1st Constitution Bank2650 Route 130, Cranbury, NJ 85121989-07-24$791.7
Amboy Bank3590 Ushwy 9 South, Old Bridge, NJ 88571888-05-12$2,329.0
Atlantic Stewardship Bank630 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 74321985-09-28$708.2
Audubon Savings Bank515 S White Horse Pike, Audubon, NJ 81061904-01-01$203.5
Bank of New Jersey1365 Palisades Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 70242006-05-10$469.8
BankAsiana7 Broad Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ 76502007-10-31$189.9
BCB Community Bank860 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 70022000-11-01$1,216.8
Bessemer Trust Company100 Woodbridge Center Drive, Woodbridge, NJ 70951907-01-01$721.9
BNB Bank, National Association2024 Center Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 70241986-09-16$357.3
Bogota Savings Bank60 East Main St, Bogota, NJ 76031893-01-01$419.8
Boiling Springs Savings Bank25 Orient Way, Rutherford, NJ 70701939-04-10$1,356.4
Brunswick Bank and Trust Company439 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 89011970-07-27$140.0
Cape Bank225 North Main Street, Cape May Court House, NJ 82101923-01-01$1,071.9
Capital Bank of New Jersey175 South Main Road, Vineland, NJ 83602007-04-23$242.2
Cenlar FSB425 Phillips Boulevard, Trenton, NJ 86181912-01-01$660.2
Century Savings Bank1376 W. Sherman Avenue, Vineland, NJ 83601865-01-01$348.4
City National Bank of New Jersey900 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 71021973-06-11$358.4
Clifton Savings Bank1433 Van Houten Avenue, 3rd Floor, Clifton, NJ 70131928-01-01$1,106.0
College Savings Bank5 Vaughn Drive, Princeton, NJ 85401987-09-08$569.1
Colonial Bank, FSB2745 S. Delsea Drive, Vineland, NJ 83601913-01-01$602.4
Columbia Bank19-01 Route 208, Fair Lawn, NJ 74101926-01-01$4,478.2
Community Bank of Bergen County, N. J.125 West Pleasant Avenue, Maywood, NJ 76071928-12-08$310.2
Community First Bank408 Elizabeth Avenue, Somerset, NJ 88732008-10-06$63.7
Cornerstone Bank253 W. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 80571999-10-04$383.7
Crest Savings Bank3301 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 82601919-01-01$384.4
Cross River Bank885 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 76662008-06-23$186.1
Crown Bank27 Prince Street, Elizabeth, NJ 72081998-04-13$566.3
Delanco Federal Savings Bank615 Burlington Ave, Delanco, NJ 80751890-01-01$136.2
Enterprise National Bank N.J.490 Boulevard, Kenilworth, NJ 70332002-08-19$132.6
First Bank2465 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ 86902007-04-23$264.9
First Choice Bank669 Whitehead Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 86482007-03-23$669.3
First Commerce Bank105 River Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 87012006-01-30$154.7
First Hope Bank, A National Banking Association1301 Hope-Bridgeville Rd., Hope, NJ 78441911-09-11$417.7
Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank, FSB817 Abbott Blvd, Fort Lee, NJ 70242000-12-15$52.1
Franklin Bank1179 Route 40, Pilesgrove, NJ 80981861-01-01$259.6
Freedom Bank550 Kinderkamack Road, Oradell, NJ 76492008-04-17$148.6
Freehold Savings Bank68 W Main St, Freehold, NJ 77281869-01-01$262.4
Fulton Bank of New Jersey533 Fellowship Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 80541989-10-30$3,408.9
GCF Bank301 Greentree Road, Sewell, NJ 80801921-01-01$338.9
Gibraltar Bank5527 Berkshire Valley Road, Oak Ridge, NJ 74381909-01-01$97.8
Glen Rock Savings Bank183 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 74521922-01-01$138.4
Grand Bank, National AssociationOne Edinburg Road, Hamilton, NJ 86192002-03-01$337.4
GSL Savings Bank6823 Bergenline Ave, Guttenberg, NJ 70931907-01-01$92.3
Haddon Savings Bank201 White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, NJ 80351905-01-01$313.7
Harmony Bank2120 West County Line Road, Jackson, NJ 85272008-09-02$122.9
Harvest Community Bank285 North Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 80702000-01-18$191.3
Haven Savings Bank621 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 70301938-01-01$702.7
Heritage Community Bank1206 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph, NJ 78692006-03-27$155.1
Highlands State Bank310 Route 94, Vernon, NJ 74622005-10-17$166.1
Hilltop Community Bank385 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ 79012000-02-07$165.3
Hopewell Valley Community Bank4 Route 31 South, Pennington, NJ 85341999-02-16$404.4
Hudson City Savings BankWest 80 Century Road, Paramus, NJ 76521868-03-27$45,373.6
Indus American Bank1536 Oak Tree Road, Iselin, NJ 88302005-12-12$206.4
Investors Bank101 Jfk Parkway, Short Hills, NJ 70781926-01-01$10,674.9
Kearny Federal Savings Bank614 Kearny Avenue, Kearny, NJ 70321884-01-01$2,851.0
Lakeland Bank2717 Route 23 South, Newfoundland, NJ 74351969-05-19$2,820.0
Liberty Bell Bank145 North Maple Avenue, Marlton, NJ 80532003-08-06$172.9
Lincoln Park Savings Bank31 Boonton Turnpike, Lincoln Park, NJ 70351922-01-01$182.8
Llewellyn-Edison Savings Bank, FSB474 Prospect Avenue, West Orange, NJ 70521912-01-01$133.1
Lusitania Savings Bank, FSB107 Pulaski Street, Newark, NJ 71051995-09-01$258.9
Magyar Bank400 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ 89031922-01-01$526.3
Manasquan Savings Bank2221 Landmark Place, Manasquan, NJ 87361874-01-01$848.0
MARINERS BANK935 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 70202001-05-01$295.9
Metlife Bank, National Association334 Madison Avenue, Convent Station, NJ 79611999-02-23$25,513.6
Metuchen Savings Bank429 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 88401897-01-01$268.0
Millington Savings Bank1902 Long Hill Road, Millington, NJ 79461911-01-01$350.7
Millville Savings and Loan AssociationOne Savings Place, Millville, NJ 83321941-12-01$145.3
Monroe Savings Bank, SLA114 South Main Street, Williamstown, NJ 80941870-01-01$91.3
N.J.M. Bank, FSB301 Sullivan Way, West Trenton, NJ 86281999-09-08$635.9
New Jersey Community Bank3441 Highway 9, Freehold, NJ 77282008-07-01$132.0
New Millennium Bank57 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 89011999-07-19$212.1
Newfield National Bank18-24 West Boulevard, Newfield, NJ 83441934-01-01$514.4
North Jersey Community Bank301 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 76322005-01-15$729.5
NVE Bank70-76 Engle Street, Englewood, NJ 76311887-01-01$684.2
Ocean City Home Bank1001 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ 82261912-01-01$986.5
OceanFirst Bank975 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, NJ 87531902-01-01$2,304.1
Oritani Bank370 Pascack Road, Township Of Washington, NJ 76761911-01-01$2,567.1
Parke Bank601 Delsea Drive, Sewell, NJ 80801999-01-28$790.4
Pascack Community Bank64 Crescent Avenue, Waldwick, NJ 74632002-02-19$332.2
Peapack-Gladstone Bank190 Main St, Gladstone, NJ 79341921-09-21$1,599.7
Regal Bank570 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Livingston, NJ 70392007-12-06$216.5
Roebling BankRt 130 & Delaware Avenue, Roebling, NJ 85541923-01-01$164.4
Roma Bank2300 Route 33, Robbinsville, NJ 86911920-01-01$1,735.5
RomAsia Bank4287 Us Highway 1, Monmouth Junction, NJ 88522008-06-23$136.8
Roselle Savings Bank235 Chestnut St, Roselle, NJ 72031889-01-01$419.2
RSI BANK1500 Irving Street, Rahway, NJ 70651851-03-12$494.5
Rumson-Fair Haven Bank and Trust Company20 Bingham Avenue, Rumson, NJ 77602000-07-17$227.2
Saddle River Valley Bank171 East Saddle River Road, Saddle River, NJ 74582006-06-01$120.2
Schuyler Savings Bank24 Davis Ave, Kearny, NJ 70321924-01-01$116.8
Shore Community Bank1012 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, NJ 87531997-02-24$203.1
Somerset Hills Bank155 Morristown Road, Bernardsville, NJ 79241998-12-07$363.7
Somerset Savings Bank, SLA220 West Union Avenue, Bound Brook, NJ 88051887-01-01$587.0
Spencer Savings Bank, SLARiver Drive Center 3 - 611 River Drive, Elmwood Park, NJ 74071939-09-19$1,819.6
Sturdy Savings Bank9417 Third Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ 82471922-01-01$542.0
Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co. (U.S.A.)111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 70301987-09-21$1,231.3
Sun National Bank226 West Landis Avenue, Vineland, NJ 83601985-05-06$3,180.3
SussexBank399 Route 23, Franklin, NJ 74161976-02-09$504.9
The Bank of Princeton183 Bayard Lane, Princeton, NJ 85402007-04-23$664.9
The First National Bank of Absecon106 New Jersey Avenue, Absecon, NJ 82011916-03-20$160.2
The First National Bank of Elmer10 South Main Street, Elmer, NJ 83181903-05-01$214.2
The Pennsville National Bank170 South Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 80701969-06-23$196.6
The Provident BankWashington And York Streets, Jersey City, NJ 73031839-02-28$7,097.5
Two River Community Bank1250 Highway 35, South, Middletown, NJ 77482000-02-28$674.5
Union Center National Bank2455 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ 70831923-09-24$1,432.2
Union County Savings Bank320 North Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 72071883-10-01$1,477.4
United Roosevelt Savings Bank11-15 Cooke Avenue, Carteret, NJ 70081914-01-01$99.1
Unity Bank64 Old Highway 22, Clinton, NJ 88091991-09-13$810.2
Valley National Bank1455 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 74701927-01-01$14,186.7
Wawel Bank104 Main Ave, Wallington, NJ 70571920-02-24$98.3
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