US Financial Institutions Consumer Complaints - BlueChip Financial - City National Bank

Financial InstitutionSubmitted ComplaintsTimely ResponseCustomer Disputed Response
Best Capital Funding10%0%
Biehl & Biehl, Inc6100%17%
Blakely-Witt and Associates, Inc.1258%17%
Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker & Moore, LLC29100%10%
Bleier & Cox APC2100%50%
Blitt and Gaines, P.C.16100%19%
BluFi Lending617%0%
Blue Sky Capital Realty, Inc.367%33%
BlueChip Financial30100%20%
Blueshore Recovery9100%11%
Bluestein Hirsch and Associates978%0%
Boeing Employees' Credit Union12100%17%
Bogman, Inc2588%20%
Bond Corporation1100%0%
Bonded Adjustment Company30%33%
Bonded Collectors of Wisconsin, Inc10%0%
Bonneville Billing and Collections23100%22%
Booth & McCarthy1100%0%
Boulder Lending Group10%0%
Bowman, Heintz, Boscia & Vician, P. C.4100%0%
Brady Distributing Company10%0%
Brandywine Professional Services10%0%
Brazos Higher Education Servicing475%0%
Brazos Loan Servicing5100%20%
Breit Law Office, P.C.1100%0%
Brennan & Clark, Ltd., LLC650%33%
Brent D. Stamps, Attorney at Law6100%0%
Bridgelock Capital1100%0%
Brightwater Capital, LLC2100%0%
Brinkman Alliance Group230%0%
Brock & Scott, PLLC8100%25%
Brown Olcott, PLLC10%0%
Brown and Joseph, Ltd17100%24%
Brumbaugh & Quandahl875%25%
Bryant Bryant & Associates LLC2100%0%
Buckles & Buckles, P.L.C.1100%0%
Budget Mortgage Corp.5100%0%
Buffaloe & Associates, PLC8100%0%
Bull City Financial Solutions, Inc2090%15%
Bureau of Accounts Control20%0%
Burns & Carlisle, Inc.1100%0%
Bursey & Associates, P.C.580%0%
Burton Neil & Associates, P.C.3100%0%
Business & Professional Collection Service Inc6100%0%
Business Revenue Systems, Inc.7100%14%
Business Starters, Inc1100%100%
Butte County Credit Bureau250%0%
Byrider Franchising, LLC51100%14%
C & A Mortgage Services of Florence, Inc.1100%0%
C B Merchant Services3100%33%
C&F Mortgage Corporation989%33%
C.Tech Collections, Inc.560%0%
CAB Receivables, Inc.333%0%
CAC Financial Corp15100%7%
CB1, Inc.6100%50%
CBM Services, Inc.3100%33%
CCB Credit Serivces, Inc11100%27%
CCS Financial Services, Inc.24395%10%
CF Funding1100%0%
CFAM Financial Services, LLC1100%0%
CFG Financial Solutions Inc.60%0%
CFM Group LLC450%0%
CGB Agri Financial Services10%0%
CHS, Inc.540%40%
CIR, Law Offices1292%42%
CIS Direct Lending367%33%
CIT Bank13100%15%
CL Holdings, LLC11999%13%
CMCO Mortgage, LLC30%0%
CMG Financial2282%14%
CMRE Financial Services, Inc.7599%11%
CNG Financial Corporation31688%10%
CRA Collections, Inc5100%20%
CRL Home Loans1100%0%
CU Mortgage Services, Inc.2100%0%
CU Recovery, Inc.250%0%
CW Financial30%0%
Cade Investments LLC1145%0%
Cadillac Accounts Receivable Management2100%50%
Caine & Weiner Co. Inc.40100%13%
Caliber Funding LLC1100%0%
Caliber Home Loans, Inc52098%22%
California Accounts Service683%0%
California Bank & Trust5100%40%
California Business Bureau, Inc.3497%15%
California Recovery Bureau, Inc.4100%50%
Camelot Financial Services, Inc.1100%0%
Campus Student Funding, LLC250%50%
Cannon & Cannon Firm PC1100%0%
Capio Partners, LLC48100%13%
Capital Accounts, LLC3297%28%
Capital Alliance Financial, LLC967%11%
Capital Benefit, Inc.1100%0%
Capital Collections, LLC10%0%
Capital Credit and Collection Service, Inc.1100%0%
Capital Management Services, LP69100%17%
Capital One9,85399%20%
Capital Servicing Group250%0%
Capitol Credit Services, Inc2100%0%
CarFinance Capital LLC3100%33%
CarMax, Inc.20100%10%
Carbucks of Delaware, Inc3100%33%
Cardinal Financial Company, LP1392%0%
Carmel Financial Corporation, Inc.1100%0%
Carmen V. Porreca, P.C.1100%0%
Carrington Mortgage40997%19%
Carter-Young, Inc.1292%17%
Cascade Capital, LLC1090%10%
Cascade Collections, Inc.10%0%
Cascade Mortgage, Inc.250%0%
Cash America International, Inc.563100%10%
Cash Express, LLC10100%40%
Cash Money LLC250%50%
Cash Time Title Loans, Inc.4100%0%
Cash-Installment LLC1100%0%
CashCall, Inc.56899%30%
Castle & Cooke Mortgage1242%8%
Castle Credit Corp10%0%
Cathay Bank2100%0%
Cavalry Investments, LLC327100%16%
Cawley & Bergmann, LLP1369%8%
Cedars Business Services, LLC333%0%
Centennial Lending LLC250%0%
Centex Business Services4100%75%
Central Kentucky Management Services, Inc1100%0%
Central Portfolio Control Inc.21100%5%
Central States Recovery, Inc.560%0%
Centron Services5100%40%
Century Credit & Collections, LLC3100%0%
Century Financial Group1100%100%
Century Mortgage Company1100%0%
Certified Collectors, Inc.1100%0%
Certified Credit Reporting, Inc.4100%0%
Certified Recovery Inc6100%0%
Certified Recovery Systems, Inc. (CRSI)8100%25%
Certified Services, Inc.2100%50%
Charles Schwab Bank41100%39%
Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.10%0%
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